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Rare bird species a source of additional subsidies for animal and land farmers in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains


The subsidy for arable land transformation into pastures, and its subsequent maintenance in areas with a rich biodiversity will be 324 euro per hectare (2.47 acres), announced BSPB experts during the information meetings with agricultural producers from the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, organized by the BSPB. The meetings marked the launch of new agro-ecological actions for...

BSPB organizes meetings with farmers


The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds organized meetings with farmers in Svilengrad, Topolovgrad, Stambolovo, Madjarovo, Kardjali, Krumovgrad, and Yambol, 20-23 March 2012. During the meetings they discussed possibilities for funding in accordance with the new agro-ecological actions of Measure 214 ‘Agro-ecological payments’ within the Rural...

From Dadia to Polyarno for the sake of Egyptian Vulture


At the last weekend of March the WWF Greece together with the Hellenic Ornithological Society were invited by Mountaineering Club of Kavala to Polyarno in order to present the ornithological significance of Kompsato valley area. The area belongs to Natura 2000 Network (Kompsato valley SPA GR1130012 και pSCI GR1130007). Beside a local population of griffon...

The ‘White Father’ returns


The first Egyptian vulture for this year was seen near Madjarovo. In the next few days, colleagues working in Greece and in northern Bulgaria also observed returning birds. They come back to the Balkans to breed after spending the cold winter months in warmer tropical and subtropical regions. Like other spring migrants such as the white stork or the swallow the Egyptian...

A communication poster with farmers


In late March, we created a poster with the photo of Egyptian Vulture to help us in our contacts with farmers. With the help of photo, the farmers can identify the Egyptian vulture and share with us his knowledge for the species. A call to the farmers to announce any event of injured or dead Egyptian vulture is written on the poster and our phone number which is available...

First record of Egyptian Vulture in Dadia feeding station


Today the two first Egyptian vultures have been recorded at the Dadia feeding station (FS) in the National Park of Dadia Forest. Both were adult and obviously are the two birds that flew yesterday near Dadia village. The FS is among the first places they visit for food as they are hosted every year in our region and know this food source.  Once per week dead animals...