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Welcome to a meeting in Madjarovo


This Friday from 10.30h., in the Municipality hall will be represented LIFE+ project „The return of the Neophron“ in front of the citizens of Madjarovo town. The purpose of the meeting is to be shown the main BSPB activities in the region the next 5 years. After a short presentation the participants will have the opportunity to ask  their questions to the...

INVITATION for the Brigade


BULGARIAN SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS with the support of the New Thracian gold project invites you to a WORKCAMPS OF NATURE "Madjarovo 2012" When: 11th - 17th August, 2012 Where: The Conservation Centre "Eastern Rhodopes" BSPB How to get to Madzarovo? If traveling by car: If traveling with public...

The first juvenile Egyptian vulture is tagged in Greece!


On the 3 rd of August, HOS field team fitted, for the first time in Greece, a GPS satellite transmitter on a juvenile Egyptian vulture in the area of Meteora. With the help of professional climbers from the Trikala Climbing Association, the young bird was safely reached and fitted with this special transmitter that will provide with invaluable data on the species migration...

Supplementary feeding of Egyptian Vulture nest


Twice a week we place a small amount of food about 2-2.5kg near an Egyptian vulture nest in Koilada Filiouri area in Thrace. The food is placed at daybreak and then during the whole day we are watching the response of the couple. The feeding was started after the period of hatching and continues to this day. The pair has responded and consumes the food, while it carries...

We tagged 5 Egyptian vultures with satellite transmitters


From 27 July to 2 August 2012 the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds put satellite transmitters on 5 small Egyptian vulture. Three of the juveniles are located in the Southern Bulgaria and the other two - in the North Bulgaria. The names of birds are Svetlina, Arda Iliaz, Volen and Dobromir. Thanks to the satellite transmitters we will be able to trace their...

Observation of the Rare Greater Spotted Eagle in the Eastern Rhodopes


O n 20 July a Greater Spotted Eagle ( Aquila clanga) was spotted in the Eastern Rhodopes, between the villages of Lyaskovets and Zimovina, Municipality of Stambolovo. The bird was observed and identified by Hristo Hristov, ecologist and coordinator on wildlife in the New Thracian Gold and Tim Asbreuk, student-volunteer in the project . Both...