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The widowed Egyptian vulture


Two months have passed since the Egyptian vultures arrived in the area of ​​Kompsatos from Africa. In this group is once again our special friend, the "widowed" Egyptian vulture. A year ago, this mature bird had begun to nest. However, in early summer a "deadly" cause of the deprived the mate and spent all last summer alone around its nest. This year in April with his...

The first Egyptian Vulture hatched in the nest under video observation


The first Egyptian Vulture hatched in the nest under video observation within the frames of the project “The Return of the Neophron”. With this, a new hope rises for the drastically decreased Balkan population of the species. The story of the newly hatched Egyptian Vulture begins with the return of its parents from Africa. The pair started to breed on a rock in...

Poisoned Egyptian vulture is still alive and flying!


A month after its release, the Egyptian vulture that was found poisoned in April in the area of Meteora is alive and healthy! The bird soaring again in the skyes of Meteora (HOS/ T.Bounas) The bird was lucky to be found by a local livestock breeder who swiftly took it to a vet. From there, it was sent to ANIMA’s Wildlife Rescue Centre where it received...

Mobile BSPB teams provide easy and safe food for the Egyptian vultures


Recently the team of the Return of the Neophron project funded by the LIFE+ Programme of the EU and the A. G. Leventis Foundation launched a key conservation activity – feeding of the Egyptian vultures in the region. The activity is aimed at improving the diet of breeding pairs of the globally threatened species, as insufficient food sources are among the main reasons...

Sattelites will follow an Egyptian vulture rescued in Greece


  This story begins three weeks ago when a livestock breeder from the area of Meteora (Central Greece) found an agonizing Egyptian vulture next to the body of a dead dog and took it to his local vet. This quick and altruistic intervention most probably saved the life of the bird and activated a network of collaborations between ANIMA (a wildlife rescue centre), the...

Dead Egyptian vulture found in north-east Bulgaria


A member of the EKONEKT Determining and Minimizing of Risks for Wild Birds project team found a dead Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) near Kaliakra cape. The bird is immature; it was ringed in 2009 by a BSPB team in one of the few remaining nests of the globally threatened species in north-eastern Bulgaria. The loss of the three-year-old bird is particularly sad; it...