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Habitat model for the Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria and Greece


The technical report “Habitat of the Egyptian vulture ( Neophron percnopterus ) in Bulgaria and Greece (2003-2014)”, developed under the LIFE+ project “The Return of the Neophron” examines the relationship between breeding success and the occupation of territories and the various factors of the habitat.  Тhe report includes information from...

Three captive-bred Egyptian vultures wеrе released in Bulgaria


Today - on August 10, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds ( BSPB ) put three young Egyptian vultures in artificial nest within the Nature Park "Rusenski Lom" courtesy of the Department of the Park and Green Balkans . Two of the vultures were provided by the Vienna zoo and the other one - by a zoo in Paris . This experimental introduction by adaptation...

With a voice for the Egyptian vulture


The schools of Evros and Rodopi area took one more initiative for the protection of the threatened Egyptian vulture of which only 5 pairs bred in Greece this year. For a fourth consecutive year the students tried to sensitize the local people and stakeholders for the protection of the species. 120 students demonstrated with their own unique way the great need to protect...

The new traveling exhibition, dedicated to the Egyptian Vulture, is in Madara


The new traveling exhibition, created this year under the LIFE+ project "The Return of the Neophron" is already installed in the city hall of Madara. In August, residents and guests of the village can learn interesting facts about the Egyptian vulture.  The exhibition consists of 10 panels representing different aspects of life and status of Egyptian Vulture, myths...

Threatened bird species were not affected by the fire near Madzarovo


BSPB team of the LIFE+ project “The Return of the Neophron” joined the firefighting near Madzharovo in aid of the institutions. In Sunday near Madzharovo erupted conflagration, which covered 8,000 acres. The official authorities declared emergency, and soon after the fire was brought under control.  The conflagration killed many tortoises, which are among...

Reasons for the breeding failures of the Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria and Greece


The present study aimed to investigate the reasons for breeding failures in the steeply declining population of Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria and Greece (holding ca. 50% of the Balkan population of the species), so that its results may be further used to inform a more effective and adequate conservation of the species. The study was conducted in the period 2006-2015 for...