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Alliance along 14 countries to ensure a safe migration flyway for the Egyptian Vulture


To save an endangered species, the Egyptian Vulture, institutions and organisations from 14 countries spanning the Balkans, Middle East and Africa have joined forces proving that political borders do not exist in these efforts. All of them have united under the project "Urgent Actions to Strengthen the Balkan Population of the Egyptian Vulture and Secure Its...

The students of Thrace and their active fight for the Egyptian vulture conservation


Our young fellow citizens seem to be aware of the important harmonious co-existence with the environment by proving to us that they are permanent and precious partners in the difficult, challenging but also beautiful battle to protect the last Egyptian vultures. The young generation with their vitality and passion is motivated to sensitize the local communities about the...

No short-term effect of closing a rubbish dump on reproductive parameters of an Egyptian Vulture population in Turkey


Changes in food availability that lead to lower reproductive output or lower survival probability are important drivers of the widespread declines in vulture populations. Permanent feeding stations for scavengers, such as vulture restaurants or rubbish dumps, may have both positive and negative effects on reproductive parameters. The paper “No short-term effect of...

Bright breeding season 2017 in Bulgaria and new challenges for the Egyptian vultures in Greece


In Bulgaria the total number of occupied territories in 2017 was 27 (19 in the Rhodopes and 8 in Northern Bulgaria). The number of occupied territories is 10% less in comparison to 2016 but the number of pairs that started breeding was higher - 23 pairs in 2017 (22 in 2016). The number of successful pairs hasn‘t change between 2016 and 2017 – 20 pairs. In...

Step-Change in International Efforts to Conserve Vultures Takes Flight


28 October 2017, Manila, Philippines – Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) have today taken two momentous decisions to promote the conservation of Old World vultures.   During the last week, almost 100 countries from across the globe have gathered for the 12 th Meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP12) to CMS, which has been...

A legal shield grants from now on the protection of the emblematic Egyptian vulture in Greece


The endorsement Species Action Plan (SAP) for the Egyptian vulture in Greece has finally become true after the Deputy Ministers of Finance and Environment and Energy put their signatures on the relevant document. This much awaited National Action Plan was published on the 25 th of October in the Official State Gazette . It establishes a set of concrete conservation...