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A short story on our athletes


Only 5 out of total 27 birds tagged since 2012 survived by 2018 to surprise us with new interesting stories. Iliaz is the only survivor from the nine juveniles tagged in 2012. The bird is already an adult (almost 6 years old) with an amazing background. Iliaz wintered from the east to the west of the whole Sahel area in the last 4 winters, used multiple and...

A new pair of Egyptian Vultures is about to form at the aviaries of the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans


For a few months the team of the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans has been particularly interested in the young Egyptian Vultures living in one of the aviaries of the Centre. Two of the birds quite impressed us. They definitely show more intensive interactions, staying close to each other almost the entire time and also close to the artificial nesting platform installed by...

Тhe Green Balkans` Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center prepares for the new breeding season of the Egyptian vultures


The team of the Green Balkans` Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center have observed active breeding behavior for the last few days between the Egyptian vultures pair, which are in a separate aviary. It was a signal for us that the breeding season for them is about to beggin. Therefore, our team, which is a part of the “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” project,...

Workshop for the illegal use of poisoned baits in Dadia


In the beginning of December , WWF team participated with a lecture in a workshop for the illegal use of poisoned baits. The workshop was organized by the Management Body of the National Park of Dadia-Lefkimmi-Soufli forest in the Dadia village. Representatives from forest and vet authorities, hunting clubs and farmer's cooperatives participated. The legal status and...

Three Egyptian Vultures were admitted at the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans


At Christmas eve the team of the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans received three Egyptian Vultures as a gift.   The birds, granted by Prague Zoo, arrived on December 22nd and were admitted at the recovery room of the Rescue Centre for several days of quarantine.   All three birds are young. Within the “Egyptian Vulture New LIFE” Project, they...

Prophylactic examination and preparation of the Egyptian Vultures at the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans for the up-coming breeding season


Every year at the end of the breeding season and before the start of the new one, the team of veterinarians of the Rescue Centre carries out an obligatory prophylactic examination of all the feathered patients. This year was not an exception. Among the ones we examined where the Egyptian Vultures kept at the Rescue Centre. The seven birds, including an already formed pair,...