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Testing a new method for Bulgaria to strengthen the population of the globally threatened Egyptian Vulture


In the middle of the week a team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and Green Balkans placed three young Egyptian vultures in a special adaptation aviary in the area of ​​Potochnitsa, Eastern Rhodopes. The birds were granted to the project from the Schonnbrunn Zoo and the Zoo of Prague. This is a pilot experience in Bulgaria for releasing into...

New adaptation aviary for Egyptian vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes


During the last weekend a team of BSPB and Green Balkans, in the framework of the LIFE project Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" built an adaptation aviary in the area of ​​Potochnitsa, Eastern Rhodopes. Despite the rain and low temperatures, the aviary was fully completed and will host on March 28 three young Egyptian Vultures, granted to the project through the kind...

Alliance against the illegal use of poison baits in Epirus


With great success has taken place a workshop for the illegal use of poisoned baits in Epirus, at the Conference Centre of the Epirus Region in Ioannina. The workshop aim was the planning of the prevention and combat of the wildlife poisoning, through the development of a procedures manual to the competent local authorities and bodies of the Ioannina Region . In Greece,...

New repairs in the Wildlife Rescue centre


Just a few days ago reconstruction works for two aviaries  - future home for Egyptian vultures - has started in the Wildlife Rescue centre. The works are part of "Egyptian vulture New LIFE" project's action: Establishment of Balkan captive breeding population of Egyptian vultures for recovery of breeding populations in Bulgaria and Greece. 14 countries from...

The fate of the first captive-bred Egyptian Vultures released in Bulgaria


Elodie, the last of the first three captive-bred Egyptian Vultures, tagged with satellite transmitters and released in the wild in 2016, died. Elodie was the second documented case of tagged juvenile Egyptian vulture that crossed successfully the Mediterranean Sea from the Balkans. This happened during her first migration.  She was wintering in Niger where in...

Monitoring of Egyptian Vulture migration on Antikythira Island 2017


New Technical Report, created under the LIFE project “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” presents data from the monitoring of Egyptian vultures on Antikythira island in Greece, held in August and September 2017. Antikythira is a small island of the Aegean Sea, located between Kythira and Crete in South Greece. The island serves as a leading line for migrating...