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The students of Thrace take action for one more year


160 students and 8 teachers of schools in Thrace joined their voice with ours to protect the Egyptian vulture, the smallest and most threatened species of Europe, as only 5 pairs are left in Greece while during the last thirty years the half of the European population has been disappeared. For the fifth continuous year WWF Greece - Dadia team collaborated with the two...

Unique project with Bitcoins supports BSPB activities to protect the Egyptian vulture


A donation of 2671.56 levs generates the "Brotherhood of the Phoenix" Campaign, thanks to the BitHope Foundation . The BitHope Foundation is the first Bulgarian non-governmental organization (NGO) in the public benefit that uses ONLY cryptocurrency to accumulate funds for the campaigns that are hosted on the platform. What the Foundation and the...

Update from the Egyptian vultures’ nest in Provadia


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Quest for Egyptian vultures in Albania 2017


To continue the tradition from previous years (e.g see 2012 , 2013 and 2014 ), in April 2017 an international research team composed by members of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds ( BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria ), the Hellenic Ornithological Society ( HOS / BirdLife Greece ) and the Association of Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania...

BSPB tagged with satellite transmitter an adult Egyptian vulture in FYR of Macedonia


Last week a team of BSPB tagged with a satellite transmitter an adult Egyptian vulture in FYR of Macedonia (the transmitter was provided by VCF ). The bird had been found last year near Prilep, where it had lived for a long time in captivity in poor conditions. After being confiscated the vulture had been transferred to the Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) in...

Volunteer to save the Egyptian Vulture 2017


The iconic Egyptian Vulture is the most rapidly vanishing bird of prey in Europe. Your help is needed to secure its future. Volunteers from across the world are invited to carry out monitoring and nest guarding to reduce the risk of disturbance and poaching to nests while the birds are hatching their eggs, to prevent the young chicks from falling from the nest and to...