Give yourself - campaign for volunteers for nest guarding 2015


We don’t just want something from you. We want…you! Are you ready to donate yourself? The cause is to watch over the future of the most rapidly vanishing bird of prey in Europe. We promise you both unity with nature and incomparable views and rain and wind, and strong sun. And a feeling that cannot be compared with any other.  An experience to remember for ever. A memory, gently stab the heart with nostalgia and pride that you were then and there for the Egyptian vultures...

Here is what tells us Natasha Peters - a volunteer from Canada, who spent three months in the Eastern Rhodopes as a number of activities within the LIFE+ project "The Return of the Neophron" –nest guarding, analyze and enter data from the photo traps and fieldwork:

“It was such an amazing opportunity to be able to come out and live in such an incredible place and work on this project, which is run by passionate and amazing people. I can only wait for the day I get to return and spend more time helping secure the future of such an iconic and unique species as the Egyptian vulture.”

In 2014 in the nest guarding campaign took part 28 volunteers, some of them were guests from Canada, Lithuania and the United States. They guarded 12 nests or 20 of the juvenilesacross the country in the most critical period before their first flight (July-August). In addition to the monitoring of the nests, they also provide food for the birds.

Guarding the nests of the Egyptian Vulture reduces the risk of disturbance and poaching, which are risk factors during the incubation period. After the eggs have hatched, we monitor the nests in order to prevent the accidental falling of the chicks from the nest or the unsuccessful first flight of the juveniles. In 2012 and 2013, thanks to nest guarding four young birds were saved in Bulgaria after their unsuccessful first flight. This is about 10 % of the average annual number of young in nests.

Preservation of the life of each small Egyptian vulture is of key importance for the securing of the future of the species in the country. Bulgaria currently hosts about 35% of the Egyptian vulture population in the Balkans. Established trend in the country is more than alarming - for the past 30 years the species has declined by 80%.

Join the campaign for volunteers for nest guarding "Give yourself"! It is necessary to know that you need to cover all your expenses during your stay. We rely on your support!

If you want to join this adventure, please fill in and send the attached Application form to:

You can learn more about the volunteers and contributors of the LIFE + project “The Return of the Neophron” here.

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The Return of the Neophron project won the Natura 2000 Award

The Return of the Neophron project won the Natura 2000 Award

Follow the flight of the endangered Egyptian Vultures on the World Migratory Bird Day

Follow the flight of the endangered Egyptian Vultures on the World Migratory Bird Day