The Wild Farm awarded with Biodiversity Award 2014


„The Wild Farm” in the village of Gorno Pole (Eastern Rhodopes), a member of the New Thracian Gold network is a winner in the Annual Biodiversity Awards 2014. The farm of Blagovesta and Nikolay Vassilievi received the Audience Award in the section “Pro biodiversity businesses”.

“The Wild Farm” participates in nature conservation projects like the LIFE+ project “The return of the Neophron” with an additional feeding and guarding of vultures nests, and communicating widely the importance of the protection of the vultures and biodiversity.

More than 20 years “The Wild Farm” support the biodiversity conservation in the Madzharavo Natura 2000 zone. The family maintains more than 300 ha pastures and meadows with their 700 Rodopi Shorthorn cattle and Bulgarian Grey cattle (both protected breeds). Betty and Nicki grow the animals in a natural way. In 2013, the losses were 40 cattle and in 2014 so far – 25. This is a key source of food for the unique in Bulgaria natural population of griffon vulture and several pairs of Egyptian vultures in the area in Madzharovo.

Some of the other nominations of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds associated with LIFE + project "The Return of the Neophron" were for the following categories:

Best article/media, connected to protection of the wild nature

Tanya Dimitrova – has been working as a "green" journalist to Mongabey since 2013, visited more than 50 countries in 5 continents. is one of the world's most popular environmental science and conservation news sites with more than one million unique visitors per month and publications in 6 languages. Often the stories in Mongabey are used as a source of information in the media such as the Economist, Bloomberg, National Geographic and the Associated Press.

In only one year, Tanya managed to publish in Mongabey 4 articles related to the conservation of biodiversity in Bulgaria and for the poaching regarding the Egyptian vulture, the Capercaillie and the Brown bear:

Activist for the nature:

Mecnun Ademov is a teacher in the Professional School for Agriculture “Earth” in Provadia. He is a member of BSPB since 2009 and organizes outings and lessons with groups of students, dedicated to the protection of the biodiversity of the Provadiysko-Rojaksko plateau. Over the past two years Mecnun has been working hard to protect one of the most endangered birds in the country - the Egyptian vulture.

Conservation activities in 2013:

-Installing the exhibition dedicated to Natura 2000 and one of the most valuable birds in the region of theProvadiysko-Rojaksko plateau – the Egyptian Vulture;

- Organize and implement nest guarding and supplementary feeding of one of the last pairs of Egyptian vultures;

- Organize the celebration of the International Migratory Bird Day;

-Meetings with hunters in Provadia, presenting to them the problems of globally threatened Egyptian vulture. As a result of these meetings, an informational signboard was placed at the center of the city. The board was requested by the hunters as a sign of pride in the fact that this rare bird still occurs near the town;

-In 2013 published 3 materials in local news papers and magazines;

- Create and maintain a Facebook page for the protection of the Egyptian vulture in Provadiisko-Royaksko plateau.

See here photos from the ceremony of Biodiversity Awards 2014.

Useful information
The Return of the Neophron project won the Natura 2000 Award

The Return of the Neophron project won the Natura 2000 Award

Follow the flight of the endangered Egyptian Vultures on the World Migratory Bird Day

Follow the flight of the endangered Egyptian Vultures on the World Migratory Bird Day