Help fund anti-poison dogs units in Greece!


Antipoison Dog Units in Greece: Kiko and Kuki

Kiko and Kuki have, in nine months, found 30 poisoned carcasses and over 10 kg of poisoned baits. They and their handlers have carried out nearly 100 patrols covering hundreds of kilometres. In the areas where they work - the National Park of Dadia and Meteora region - the beautiful but endangered Egyptian Vultures circle overhead.

The anti-poison dogs not only find the poison, allowing it to be removed and disposed of quickly before causing devastation to wildlife, but in doing so provide information to help people identify the areas where education can be targeted to reduce and ultimately remove this type of wildlife crime.

The training, upkeep and continued care for these dogs requires a large amount of money together with patrolling expenses for their handlers. In order to cover a part of these expenses we have joined forces with Birdwing and started a donation campaign.

Please visit our FundRazr appeal and share it with your friends.

However small, your donation will help! Kiko and Kuki need your support.

To learn more about Kiko and Kuki click here.

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