A new pair of Egyptian Vultures is about to form at the aviaries of the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans


© Green Balkans

For a few months the team of the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans has been particularly interested in the young Egyptian Vultures living in one of the aviaries of the Centre. Two of the birds quite impressed us. They definitely show more intensive interactions, staying close to each other almost the entire time and also close to the artificial nesting platform installed by our team.

We have therefore decided to do something more about the potential pair. While our veterinarian team was marking and treating the male against parasites, another part of the team and volunteers cleaned the aviary and covered the artificial nests with sticks, leaves and wool.

Currently the large stock aviary, constructed with the kind support of the City Council of Prague and Prague Zoo holds a total of 7 Egyptian Vultures of various age. Two of the young males were kindly provided by Prague Zoo back in 2015, while other three just came from Prague in December last year. Some of these birds will be released within the Egyptian Vulture New LIFE project, while others will be expected to form breeding pairs, whose offspring will one day fly freely in Bulgaria.

We are happy to share with you that following the refurbishment of the nesting platforms, they immediately caught the interest of our birds!


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