The Egyptian vulture as a star

We do believe that the Egyptian Vulture fully deserves to be a star, do you? Just think about the following: it is very intelligent; there are a lot of legends of different nations about it; it servers for the natural equilibrium during its whole life by serving as a “natural  sanitary”; it is a popular subject for eco-truism; it is a very good indicator for the environmental health; and its natural history seems to come from a hot novel  - comes into the World on the Balkans and after heavy childhood, undertakes a full of dangers, more than 5000 km long journey to Africa, where it should survive for at least 3 years before to come again on the breeding grounds. Indeed, a live as from a hit movie and his role is always positive!

Our aim here is to tell to every interested media the story for the last Egyptian Vultures on the Balkans.


Photo: S. Spasov


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