Children from Provadia visited the travelling exhibition, dedicated on Egyptian vulture


The children who joined the Summer Academy of “Hristo Smirnensky” school (Provadia) visited the Professional School of Agriculture "Zemya" and saw the travelling exhibition dedicated on Egyptian vultures. They also took part in some interactive games, which were organized and made funny pictures as a souvenir. It was interesting for the little “academics” to observe bird’s nests through binoculars and telescope.  A member of BSPB, presented to the children some facts of the life of the Egyptian vulture and explained about various actions connected with its protection. They implemented the new knowledge in an interactive game.

The traveling exhibition was made in early 2016, since the old one – created at the very beginning of the LIFE+ project "The Return of the Neophron", was damaged by the Sun. The new exhibition first visited the Plovdiv Natural History Museum, then the City Gallery of Provadia.



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